About the Huttonsville Public Service District

The Randolph County Commission created the Huttonsville Public Service District in 1972 to serve the water and sewer needs of southern Randolph County.  The goal of the HPSD is to improve the water quality and sewer service to the existing customers and extend this service to new customers in the area.

Many of the water and sewer lines in this area were originally developed in the 1930s through President Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration (WPA). Over the years, this system fell into disrepair and the water quality became poor.

HPSD's first initiative was to provide potable (drinkable) water to existing customers by purchasing water from the towns of Beverly and Elkins. After completion of the Elkwater Dam Project (developed by the Tygarts Valley River Watershed Partnership), HPSD will build the Elkwater water plant to provide its own source of clean, drinkable water for most of its customers.  The Elkwater Treatment Plant has been completed and in operation since April 2016.

The second initiative of the HPSD is to replace outdated water and sewer lines and extend service to customers in Valley Head, Mingo, and Becky's Creek areas. Which was completed in the fall of 2016.

The HPSD has received funding over the years from a variety of sources—including the FHA, EPA and WDA—in order to extend and replace this infrastructure. Currently, funding for these projects is provided by the USDA Rural Utilities Service and the West Virginia Infrastructure & Jobs Development Council (WVIJDC).

Our personnel and board of directors are committed to serving this area in the best ways possible. Please contact us if you have any questions about the HPSD.

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