Applying for Service

“Application for Service” must be completed in person at the Huttonsville PSD to begin utility services. A $50.00 deposit is required for each utility served by the Huttonsville PSD and valid picture identification must be presented by the account holder applying for service.

Service may only be terminated by the account holder or the Huttonsville PSD. The account holder must terminate service in writing. Verbal requests will not be honored.

Billing Statements are mailed the 30th of the month for Valley Bend, Dailey and East Dailey customers or the lower portion of the Huttonsville PSD service area, the 5th of the month for wastewater customers and the 10th for Upper Valley Water (areas of Becky’s Creek, Ward Flat, Indian Lick, Dry Run, Adolph Road, Valley Head and Mingo) customers.

Payment Due Date is 20 days from Billing Date.

10% Penalty is assessed on delinquent services 21 days from billing date.

“Termination of Service Notices“ are mailed for any and all unpaid balances 22 days from the billing date.

Termination of service for unpaid accounts is 32 days from billing date.

No time extensions will be granted for accounts scheduled for termination of service (after 24-hour notice has been made) for non-payment.

All accounts must be paid before the date stated on the Termination Notice.

A list of charitable organizations in the community that assist with utility bills is printed on the “Termination of Service” notices.

A $25.00 Reconnection Fee is charged for services disconnected for non-payment payable to the Huttonsville PSD for water service.

A $40.00 Reconnection Fee is charged for sewer services terminated and is payable to the Town of Mill Creek or the Town of Huttonsville.

There is a $25.00 return check fee (if check is returned for payment to keep services on the Huttonsville PSD will request payment made in cash and refuse check payments on this account in the future).


Water and Sewer services are regulated by the West Virginia Public Service Commission and can be contacted by calling 1-800-344-5113.

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