History of the Huttonsville Public Service District

The HPSD has upgraded the infrastructure for the southern end of Randolph County at a total cost of $20 million. We are currently working to secure another $12 million for additional projects.

1972 - On June 13, 1972, the Randolph County Commission created the Huttonsville PSD comprising all of the Huttonsville Magisterial District. Keith Holsberry was appointed chairman; Russell Linger Jr. and Omar Bartlett became board members. Avis Forinash was hired as secretary.

1973 - Funding that had been secured from the Farmers Home Administration was terminated. HPSD began working to secure funding from EPA and WDA.

1974 - The state had determined the need for the Huttonsville Correctional Center to connect to the system and requested the size of the plant be enlarged to serve the center.

1975 - The total loan package was determined to be $1.4 million, with funding applications to be made to different agencies. The amount was later increased to $1.6 million, with the total package for the sewage system including the collection system in Mill Creek and Huttonsville and the treatment plant in Mill Creek. The correctional center was removed from the project.

1976 - Meetings were held to discuss possible funding scenarios with EPA, WDA and FHA.

1978 - EPA offered a grant for 75% of the cost, but expressed dissatisfaction with the PSD on work to secure the remaining funding. Possible withdrawal of the funding package was discussed.

1979 - EPA awarded a grant for 75% of the cost, with a deadline of March 1979 to secure the remaining funding. The proposed funding package was approved and the remaining 25% funding was secured as a loan from WDA. In May 1979 work began on the project.

1980 - Town of Huttonsville residents hooked up to the system; the plant operator was hired.

1981 - The Entire system was ready for hook up; a billing clerk was hired. In July 1981 the first customer bills were issued.

1982 - Customer hook ups continued with a total of 435 customers being billed.

1983 - In February, Lynn Channell was appointed to the board.

1991 - In January, Lynn Channell appointed chairman of the board.

1992 - A meeting was held with representatives from the Valley Water Co. to discuss the takeover of the Valley Water Co.  An engineer was hired to design the project.

1993 - The boundaries of the HPSD were extended to include the Valley Bend Magisterial District. The HPSD's responsibility changed from wastewater to water and wastewater.

1994 - Funds were awarded for the water project in the amount of $2.8 million which was a loan/grant package from the USDA Rural Utilities Service and a Small Cities Block Grant.

1996 - The takeover of the Valley Water Co. was completed, and operations of the existing water and sewage systems began. Construction began on a project to replace some of the water lines that had been installed in the 1930s in Valley Bend, Dailey and East Dailey, which involved buying water from the Town of Beverly. An engineer was hired to begin designing a project to replace the wastewater system constructed in the 1930s in Valley Bend, Dailey and East Dailey. Customers being served: 900 sewer, 500 water.

1997 - Boundaries of the District were extended to include the Mingo Magisterial District. An engineer was hired to expand water service. A request was submitted for $1.2 million in loan/grants from RUS and ARC.

1998 - An engineer was hired to design the water project in the Mingo Magisterial district.

1999 - The project began to extend water service on Georgetown Road and Rudd Road; included in this project was money for the office building. Customers served: 900 sewer, 600 water.

2000 - A $4.8 million loan/grant from RUS and WVIJDC was received and work began to replace sewer lines in Valley Bend Dailey and East Dailey and an upgrade for the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Mill Creek.

2002 - A $6.2 million loan/grant package from RUS Small Cities and a block grant from WVIJDC was received and work began on a water project for Upper Valley area. Customers served: 900 sewer, 1,200 water.  Areas served include Georgetown Road, McCall’s Run, Jerusalem Hollow, portions of Becky’s Creek, Ward Flats, Riffle Creek, Martin Hollow, Indian Lick, Beaver Creek and US 219/250.

2004 - All projects completed. Hired engineer and began working on a $4.5 million project to replace the 1930s wastewater lines in the Valley Bend Dailey and East Dailey area.

2005 - Hired engineer to design project for water plant in the Elkwater Impoundment area and connecting lines; total cost $7.9 million.

2007 - Received commitment from WVIJDC on $2.8 million; awaiting word from RUS on remaining $5.1 million to build water treatment plant. On October 18, 2007 the Huttonsville PSD Board of Directors dedicated the Administrative Office building after long time Board member Chairman Lynn R. Channell, to  the Lynn R. Channell Administrative Office Building.

2011- Work began on the Phase II-A and Phase II-B Wastewater Improvement project for the collection system in the Valley Bend Dailey and East Dailey area.  This area had been previously designed with an Imhoff Tank to collect the wastewater, with the DEP and Bureau for Pubic Health the Huttonsville PSD was obligated to update the vintage system and replace it with new sewer lines in these areas.  Currently all of the wastewater collected in these areas now is pumped to the Mill Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant and treated.

2012- In December plans for the new Water Treatment Plant, lines along the Becky's Creek, Bell Crouch and Rt. 219 along with a storage tank on Becky's Creek was awarded to FAMCO (Treatment Plant) JF Allen (Lines) and Mid Atlantic (Water Storage Tank).  The Water Treatment Plant is slated to begin operation early in 2015.  With this project the Huttonsville PSD has signed 47 new water users.

2014- Plans for the extension of water service is ongoing for the Valley Head, Mingo and Shavers Run area.  This project is contingent upon the completion of the Water Treatment Plant and will serve approximately 247 new water customers.

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