HPSD Development Projects

The Huttonsville Public Service District has recently applied for a wastewater rate increase.  This rate increase affects anyone that has a sewer tap with the Huttonsville PSD.

The PSD has been directed by the West Virginia DEP (West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection Agency) to reduce our ammonia nitrate levels in the discharge from the Wastewater Treatment Plant that discharges into the Tygart Valley River.  The current plant is not capable of meeting the new standards due to the fact it was designed originally for the Huttonsville and Mill Creek area, and is now receiving wastewater from the Valley Bend, Dailey and East Dailey area.

The plant will need a $4,000,000 expansion in the form of a 30-year loan in order to accommodate the amount of sewage entering into the plant, as well as tighter discharge levels on ammonia into the Tygart Valley River.

The ammonia levels are controlled by small bugs that destroy ammonia.  Our present plant configuration and capacity prohibit this from happening.  We will be adding Bio-Domes to house the bugs so they can better do the work necessary to meet the new standards set forth by the DEP.

We are in the engineering and loan securing phase of this project with Ghosh Engineering.  We anticipate that this project should take 2-3 years for completion.

If any Huttonsville PSD wastewater customer has any questions about the present rate increase please call the Administrative Office at 304-335-2035.

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